Ingredients manufacturer Ulrick & Short has launched a range of organic functional proteins and starches for bakery.

The manufacturer said the range provided functional benefits to bakery products such as binding, moisture absorption and improving crumb structure and softness over shelf life. Suggested applications include bread, cakes, batter and coatings.

The new ingredients are organic, clean-label and non-genetically-modified. The organic proteins, for example Organic Complex 12, allow manufacturers to make front-of-pack protein claims, reinforcing the “overarching message of health that consumers demand”, Ulrick & Short said.

“We’ve had our eye on the organic market for some time, and the development of this new range has been a while in the making. The UK organic market is now catching up with continental European markets, there has been year on year consecutive growth in the sector, and while still nascent, it is now a sizeable sector,” said Danni Schroeter, research and development manager at Ulrick & Short.  

“There is a lack of focus on organics in the ingredients sector, and these new ingredients offer a range of functional and health benefits to fill that development gap.”