The British Confectioners’ Association (BCA) has been rebranded as The Bakers & Confectioners Association to reflect its modern membership.

The group was founded in 1905 to promote the skills of the trade and for members to exchange ideas and encourage the study of confectionery as an art form.

More recently, the membership has developed to include individuals from some of the leading bakery businesses of all sizes.

The change in name to The Bakers & Confectioners Association has been unanimously approved by its members.

“Historically, our membership has been made up of predominantly confectioners, but today the majority are bakers. We wanted our name to reflect this, while keeping a link to the past, and our acronym ‘The BCA’,” said association secretary Tim Cutress.

The BCA currently has around 50 members from across the UK and Ireland and is hoping to expand on this.

“We have an array of members, all with an interest in our trade, and who respect the ethos of our organisation – an openness and willingness to transfer and share information,” added chairman, George Asher.

The association holds meetings five times a year across the country. Its 2019 AGM took place in Bournemouth in September at Patisserie Mark Bennett, while the following three meetings will take place at Dickinson & Morris in Melton Mowbray; in London; and at Asher’s Bakery in the Highlands.