Signature Flatbreads has temporarily shut down one of its production lines following a fire.

Firefighters were called to the Signature factory on Chiltern Industrial Park in Dunstable last week following a fire on a plastic conveyor belt that was contained within fire-safe panels.

As well as damaging the production line, the blaze also set an area of the roof alight.

Signature said its systems worked effectively, with the sprinkler system activating and all staff evacuated with no injuries.

The business also praised the Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service for its support.

“One of our production lines will be down while repairs to equipment and the roof are made,” said a spokesperson for Signature.

“The impact of this on our customers is not expected to be significant because we currently run a number of lines across three production sites.”

Established in 1984 as Honeytop Speciality Foods by Samir Eid, Signature is now run by his sons William and Charles.

The business relocated to the Dunstable site in 1990, and was acquired by Aryzta in 2011. It was named Bakery Manufacturer of the Year in the 2016 Baking Industry Awards.

In 2018, Signature bought out Aryzta, which has exited its non-core businesses to concentrate on its frozen B2B bakery operations.