Fifty-six long-serving employees at Roberts Bakery are celebrating more than 1000 years’ joint service.

The staff have totalled 1,120 years’ service between them with four people – Steve Clarke, Segundo Verdusojo, Mark Lyons and Dave Clarke – reaching a 40-year milestone, 12 people reaching 30 years and 40 people having been with the company for 15 years.

Long-serving staff gathered to celebrate the occasion with fourth-generation Roberts’ family members Mike Roberts and Lindsay Occleston at the first of two special events at the Belle Epoque in Knutsford. The second presentation evening will take place on 28 February.

“People are at the heart of Roberts Bakery and it really is a huge achievement to have such a long-serving team, with 56 people amassing 1,120 years’ service between them,” said Mike Roberts.

“Their experience and dedication have helped to make the business what it is today and we’re proud to celebrate their hard work.” 

Steve Clarke is one of the four who have achieved 40 years’ service, starting work on Saturdays while he was at school before joining the business in 1978 as a driver. He still drives for the firm now and covers around 40,000 miles a year on his round.

Clarke said: “It’s hard to imagine that I’ve been here for 40 years – I reckon I must have driven way more than a million miles in that time. I’ve been very happy at Roberts – it looks after people and I’ve made some good friends while I’ve been here.

“The company and the site have developed a great deal since I joined, but it does still feel very much like a family business.”