One of the UK’s best sandwich makers, David Worthing, has offered some advice on how to make an award-winning sandwich.

Known as the ‘Cheddar man’, Worthing beat off competition from hundreds of competitors over the past year – winning the Tetley Great British Brunch Challenge Winner title for his ‘Super Green Beans on Toast’ and securing the overall title of the Café Sandwich Challenge Winner at the Café Life Awards 2016 for his ‘The Ultimate Toast Dinner’.

While very proud of his accomplishments, Worthing offered some friendly advice for the industry to create an award-winning sandwich.

“I think half of it is not taking things too far, not trying to be too fancy. The Michelin-star boys, what they make looks fancy and nice, but are you really satisfied with it?

“My top tip would be, you need to be recognisable. My winner in the Café Sandwich Challenge was a simple hog roast, with pulled pork and apple sauce. However, one of the most important things is using nice, fresh ingredients, and I made a lot of ingredients myself.”

Worthing has been a chef for around seven years and currently works at the Food Service Centre on Cheddar Business Park, based just outside of Weston-Super-Mare.

The Food Service Centre produces sandwiches for retail brands across the country, including Dunelm and John Lewis.