Manchester-based business Bakeorama has created a wedding cake featuring Jeremy Corbyn’s face.

Charlotte O’Toole, who runs the business, received a request from a couple to bake a cake that “represented them” - and chose to have their favourite politician on the cake for their wedding at the weekend.

O’Toole told the Daily Telegraph she wasn’t particularly taken aback by the request for the Labour-themed cake.

“People come to me for alternative cakes in my distinct style so I’m used to getting all kinds of weird and wonderful requests, she said.

“They didn’t want a traditional cake so came to me. They went for a mixture of flavours to share with their family - one layer choc orange, one Oreo, and one rainbow marble with coconut and Nutella buttercream.”

The baker was delighted to make the cake for the couple and revealed she is a Corbyn fan herself, and thought the theme for the cake was ‘brilliant’.

“I think it’s a brilliant wedding cake theme and, yes, I do support Jeremy. He’s an honest down-to-earth man of the people with the best intentions for the country.”

In August, this site reported on a Scottish couple who tied the knot with a Greggs-themed wedding.