Nottingham-based bakery Butt Foods has joined a food and drink apprenticeship scheme that aims to regenerate the skills in the food and drink sector.

The business joins several other food companies, such as Mars and Premier Foods, in the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink.

The companies have united to ensure that productivity gains are sustained and that they can recruit and retain the next generation of food engineers.

Butt Foods managing director David Williams said: “The food and drink sector is a stimulating and interesting sector to work in and, as a company, Butt Foods was honoured to play a role in this project, which is helping to ensure that productivity in the industry is boosted.

He added: “I worked alongside organisations like Nestlé, Mars, Premier Foods, Mondelēz and apetito to share our experiences of improving efficiency through cultural changes and suggested ways in which the skills gap could be plugged.”

The National Skills Academy organised a gathering at the House of Commons that was attended by global food and drink companies, training providers and members of parliament last week to unveil the first of 10 new Industry Approved Apprenticeship Programmes for the Food & Drink Industry.

In May, Butt Foods marked its 25th anniversary with a new brand, called Baked Earth.