As part of its ‘winter warm up’ tour around the county, BBC Sussex visited Jengers Craft Bakery in Billingshurst, West Sussex. 

As part of a tour of the county, Mark Sheath of Jengers Craft Bakery was interviewed on camera by the BBC this morning. He said: “I’m not sure how they came about us to be honest, but I’m delighted that they did.”

The traditional family bakery was contacted by the BBC a few days ago, but owner and baker Sheath said he was “a bit short staffed,” and as such was a bit pressed for time.

He said: “I’m working night shifts at the moment. My wife Helen took the call and organised it and, to be honest, I’d literally just got back in from my deliveries when they called in, but I’m pleased they did.”

Promoting traditional craft baking

Sheath said that Simon Jenkins and the BBC team were keen to hear about “traditional craft baking and our methods and whether we thought that there is still a place for bakeries on the high street – which we definitely do! They also wanted to know how business is going in general – it was great.”

The aim of the BBC Sussex ‘winter warm up’ tour is to celebrate local life – the team are travelling around the county, along the A272, looking for local interest stories.