Devon’s Crafty Cakes Café has closed, so that owner Becky Cuming can focus on her cake business.

Crafty Cakes makes “premium-quality cakes made to order for all occasions”. It also has a sugar craft centre and runs cake classes.

Half of the Cowick Street shop may now be turned into a gym, after an application was launched last week, but Cuming said that the rest of the business was still very much up and running. She said: "We wanted a refurbishment and a fresh look and felt we didn’t need a coffee shop any more due to there already being lots in Cowick Street.”

She added that: “We’re still here and Crafty Cakes is still very much thriving after 27 years. We’re looking forward to another 27!”

The local authority’s planning committee has set 29 February as its target date for the decision regarding the proposed new gym.