Nadiya Hussain, winner of this year’s Great British Bake Off, has described how she felt like a “giant” after scooping the top prize.

Hussain, from Leeds, triumphed in the reality TV show last night over competitors Tamal Ray and Ian Cumming. It was the most watched television show of the year so far, with 13 million people tuning in.

However, Hussain has revealed she has no immediate plans to build a career out of her success.

She said: “I went into the tent as the smallest baker at 4 foot 11 inches, but I walked out feeling a giant - almost as tall as my fellow baker six-footer Mat Riley. I can be quite self-deprecating, but I feel I have tested my abilities and come out a much stronger confident person the other side.”

She led from the first in the final, producing the best batch of iced buns before going on to win her first technical challenge with her batch of mille-feuille and wowing the judges with a wedding-themed lemon drizzle showstopper cake.

She said: “I never had my own wedding cake. I wanted a proper iced wedding cake. I bought a sari that was red, white and blue, in the colours of the Union Jack and I decorated my stand with that. My husband Abdal’s favourite cake is lemon drizzle, so I decided to make that. At the very end of the filming I took the cake out to my family’s table and we all had a slice. So my husband and I did get our wedding cake after all.”

This is how the vistory went down on social media:

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