Coup de pates has officially launched its rebrand of Delice de France, making its first appearance this year at the Hospitality Show in January.

The company aimed to reconnect with the foodservice industry and showcase the products under the Coup de pates brand.

When the rebrand was announced, British Baker had an exclusive interview with Mariam French head of marketing for Aryzta Food Solutions, which owns the brand.

How many more products will be produced under the new brand?

Our brand new catalogue contains 50 new lines, alongside more than 680 bread, patisserie, Viennoiserie, sweet bakery, semi-prepared, savoury and reception products and we’ll continue to introduce fantastic new product lines with every new catalogue.

Innovation is at the very core of what we do. We have a team of 20 R&D chefs, who sit within our central development kitchens in Paris, dedicated to product innovation. These chefs work very closely with our highly skilled team of six UK-based chefs who cover the country.

For us it’s important as well to note that innovation is not only about new products. We also endeavour to constantly improve existing products, so you will see each new catalogue will not only have new products, but will also have improvements so we are always one step ahead of the competition.

What does this mean for customers?

Customers can rest assured that we will continue to provide exactly the same portfolio of excellent products and services as we do today. 

Delice de France has been established in Britain as a well-known brand, how do you hope to do the same with Coup de pates?

Coup de pates already has a fantastic reputation and history within the French foodservice industry, and it is this expertise and specialist approach we want to leverage and apply in the UK.

What will happen with the Delice de France shops?

The change will have no effect on the shops, they will remain our great Delice de France travel concept stores, which we will also be looking at developing and progressing for the UK travel and on-the-go consumer.

How does the move benefit Aryzta?

Ensuring we have an integrated business infrastructure across Europe means we can offer better and more sophisticated services to many European customers, whether it be sharing of market knowledge, European product opportunities or even European distribution deals.