Premium pie maker Pieminister has launched a summer giveaway, which will see over 10,000 pies delivered to selected events across the UK.

Under the strapline, ‘Little Acts of Pie-ness’, the company is asking for non-profit events, from street parties to charity fundraisers, to apply through the company website for a donation of pies.

The pies themselves are drawn from surplus or slightly less than perfect stock of the company’s products, which have been frozen to avoid food waste.

Pieminister said it would reply to all applications within 14 days and, as long pies were still available for that date, successful applicants would be able to pick up their order from a Pieminister site of their choice, complete with free wooden cutlery and napkins. Since launching on Tuesday, the company said it has already had 300 events apply.

"donation of pies"

Jon Simon, co-founder and managing director at Pieminister, said, “We believe that one good turn definitely deserves another, which is why we want to help those who help others with a delicious donation of pies. Requests from good causes flood in to PMHQ every week and we try to help as many as possible.  But we hope that by devoting our summer to doing little acts of pie-ness we can help more people with pies than ever before. 

“The pies we will be giving away are a selection from our award-winning ranges, which have been frozen to avoid wastage. Our pies are sold fresh, but when we have a surplus batch we freeze them down ready to put them to good use at a later date – and what better use can there be than lots of little acts of pie-ness?”

Pieminister recently announced it would be opening five new restaurants after securing a £1.4m finance package from HSBC.