Roberts Bakery has launched a ‘Lindsay’s Pledge’ campaign to raise at least £50,000 to improve screening for breast cancer.

The 12-month campaign, which started in September, is fronted by Lindsay Occleston, a member of the Roberts family, and a breast cancer survivor.

Roberts, based in Northwich, Cheshire, plans to sell 5m loaves in pink packaging to raise at least £50,000 for research into gene therapy by Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention.

The money raised from loaves with the slogan ‘Think Pink and Help Prevent Breast Cancer’ will be used for research to look at genes which predispose women to breast cancer.

This research, which requires only a saliva test, will allow breast cancer screening to be targeted in the longer term.

Lindsay Occleston was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2009, and went on to be treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, before being declared cancer-free.

Today, as a family director at Roberts Bakery, she spends a lot of time campaigning for Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention and raising money for this cause.