The Pump Street Bakery, Suffolk, has gained Oscar fame after it was mentioned in a speech by winning director, Mat Kirkby.

Since the mention, the bakery’s website has crashed due to traffic, and it has now offered the Hollywood star free doughnuts from now on.

Kirkby, a regular at the Pump Street Bakery in Orford, told the star-studded Oscar audience that he was “particularly happy” to win as he had been promised one of the bakery’s doughnuts should he take home the title.

Kirkby said: “I’m particularly happy because this now means I can get a free doughnut at my local bakery, the Pump Street Bakery. They do fantastic doughnuts. Should we stick to the script?”

He won the award for best live action short for The Phone Call, staring Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent.

Joanna Brennan, who founded the bakery in 2010 with her father Chris, told the East Anglian Daily Times‎: “It’s been a mixture of shock, excitement and disbelief – I’ve been on Twitter and Facebook all morning responding to the hundreds of messages we’ve received.”

The bakery bakes bread and pastries, and has one retail shop in Orford on the Suffolk coast. It bakes the doughnuts on site, and fills them with custard, rhubarb or raspberry jam.