Here is a heart-warming video which shows why the industry should support Craft Bakers’ Week.

In the clip below you see seven year old Lewis, who was born with half a heart, learn that his dream of becoming a super hero for the day had been granted by Make A Wish.

This year, Craft Bakers’ Week is again joining up with Make A Wish to help dreams like this come true for children and young people who are fighting life threatening conditions.

Lewis has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, an incurable condition. He had his first operation just four years old and his heart was so swollen that his chest couldn’t be closed for 11 days. He then had major surgery at eight months old, and again in May last year. And during this treatment, it was also discovered that one of Lewis’ lungs was not working.

Thanks to Make A Wish, Lewis and his family were treated to a trip to Disneryland where he was able to star in his own super hero movie. You can watch him on his trip and explaining his condition here:

Bakers, YOU can help other young people like Lewis by signing up here, plus it also gives YOU the chance to promote YOUR craft to the wider public. During the week there will be tastings, promotions, competitions and fundraising activities for Make-A-Wish.

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