There is now a team of 21 people nationwide, who deliver the company’s food education programme. 

Zoe Court is the latest addition to the baker’s Basingstoke site in Hampshire.

Warburtons’ School Visitors Programme delivers food education for schoolchildren aged 7-11 countrywide. In the last academic year the project engaged 28,779 children, and taught them the importance of a balanced diet, as well as about hygiene and safety, food waste and basic food preparation.

Selena Morris, a school visitor for the company, who works at its Enfield site said: “I am delighted to have joined the team to deliver such a worthy project. The children that we work with have not always had the best start in life, and do not necessarily eat fresh food on a daily basis.

“It is great to see them wanting to interact and engage in healthy eating. The Warburtons School Visitors programme gives children a chance to educate themselves at a crucial stage of life about the importance of healthy eating, by giving them the right tools and information to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.”