Wenzel’s The Bakers will be giving away £2,016 to one lucky customer at its London Designer Outlet bakery.

A raffle will be drawn to decide the winner on 7 February at 1pm, at the Wenzel’s bakery, London Designer Outlet, Wembley Park. More than 10,000 tickets have already been entered into the draw.

The family-run bakery, which has more than 30 shops, has been running the raffle since Boxing Day 2015 in its stores across north-west London, Berkshire and Hertfordshire, and on its Facebook page.

Customer loyalty

Peter Wenzel, chief executive of the company, said: “We are so grateful to our customers and wanted to repay that loyalty with a prize that would get the winner’s 2016 off to a good start, and help out at a time of year that can be quite tough financially.”

There will be free samples of new products at the prize-giving, as well as an Elvis tribute act and the bakery’s mascot, The Bakerman.

Wenzel’s is currently expanding the brand – it hopes to have an additional 20 shops in the near future.