Russell Wheeler, S Black Ltd, Technical sales manager - food ingredients

== So, what are Haco Coffee extracts? ==

Haco of Switzerland is one of Europe’s leading coffee processors and its coffees are produced from selected, freshly roasted green Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, in their decaffeinated or pure form, available in spray-dried, freeze-dried and liquid formats. Coffee substitutes are also available.

== Why are they so special? ==

As well as a range of standard liquid and dried formats, we also have Origin coffees, with on-pack provenance, such as Kilimanjaro, Ethiopian, Kenyan, or Sumatran. Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance-assured are also available.

== Why should bakers buy them? ==

Haco coffees deliver natural and authentic coffee flavour for bakery, desserts, beverages and confectionery. S Black has developed muffin, cake and icing demos to show the wide flavour and variety our range can offer, helping the baker select the appropriate grade.

== So, explain the techie stuff. ==

Haco extracts the coffee using traditional scaled-up ’espresso’ methods. Adjusting the roasting degree of the coffee beans and special aroma recovery techniques allow for an authentic flavour. The freeze-dried coffees can also be flavoured with coffee oil, to add an intense aroma.

== Bottom line, what’s the benefit to the baker? ==

Authentic provenance coffee, traditionally extracted in a wide range of formats and flavour tonalities, gives bakers real coffee flavour and convenience.