So what’s the product?

Electrolysed or ’E’ water. It’s basically what is produced by softened (salted) tap water going through an electrolysis process where it is split into both alkaline and acidic water. Alkaline water cleans and acidic water sanitises.

How can it help bakers?

Bakeries have warm environments where spores of yeasts and moulds are abundant. Other foods that are often present include custards and creams in which bacteria can thrive. By washing hands with E Water, most bacteria and spores are eradicated, drastically reducing the chances of cross-contamination. E water can also be used throughout a bakery for everything from basic sanitising, line cleaning and floor washing.

Is it as good as chemical cleaning and sanitising?

Yes. The cleaning power of the alkaline water is equal to a mild detergent while acidic water is more potent than traditional bleach-based sanitisers and works faster, so pathogens do not build a resistance to it.

Presumably, as no chemicals are involved, it must be very ’green’ and safe?

Theoretically, you could drink it but we would never recommend this because of the salt content. Also, it can be safely poured down the sink without any damage to the environment.

Is it expensive?

No. It works out at approximately 2p per litre, including equipment, installation, salt and electricity. A further bonus is that you only draw off what you need so there’s no wastage.