Philip Gittens, a wholesale baker in Hull, who runs the Crusty Cob, has recently launched his latest invention after receiving a £25,000 European grant.

The castors, called Gliderz, were invented after his wife had trouble moving heavy tables. "The only way my wife could clean was to take everything off the table. I said I might be able to invent something to make it easier to move. So I did," Gittens told British Baker.

Business Link, which provided the grant, was set up as part of the government’s campaign to promote enterprise in the UK and is funded by Regional Development Agencies and a number of other government departments and local authorities.

Gliderz have a polypropylene and glass design, stainless steel bearings and a 360-degree turning circle. They are dishwasher-proof, will fit 32mm, 36mm and 80mm legs and work on any solid floor. They self-lock when weight is applied to a table.

The castors are on sale through WDS, a components company in Leeds.