The Atlanta gastronorm range of fridges and freezers from Apuro has been re-designed to significantly improve operating efficiency, cut down on energy use and increase internal storage space, says the company.

The four-shelf, single-door AT70TN, has a capacity of 650 litres (23 cu ft), and energy consumption of 3.6kWh per 24 hour, while the eight-shelf, AT140TN double door fridge has a capacity of 1,300 litres (46 cu ft) and energy consumption of 5.4 kWh per 24 hours.

Temperature within the cabinets can be held between -2?C to +8?C.

The matching single-door, AT70BT, and double-door, AT140BT, freezers use 5.4kWh per 24 hours and 11kWh per 24 hours respectively, while holding the cabinet temperature between -18?C to -22?C.