Asda is enjoying increased sales of bread after completing the roll-out of a new store-specific merchandising system this month, according to bakery director Huw Edwards.

Sales data from each individual store is used to decide what bought-in breads should be stocked and how much space to allocate to each line, he said.

The supermarket has now introduced the new system in all of its 303 food stores around the UK, Edwards told British Baker.

Each store offers a different mix of products. “It already seems to be paying off, as the initial impact on sales has been very good,” said Edwards.

The system is only being applied on bought-in breads, he explained, as the cakes and in-store Bakery sections are less complex and diverse.

He said: “We have always been conscious that there is a lot of regionality in demand for brands of bread and preferences, and this system allows us to offer the best range for local customers’ needs. In this way, we can give each store exactly what it needs.”

Asda started rolling out the system to stores in January and completed the project at the start of this month, Edwards explained.