Bakels is starting an advertising campaign in consumer magazines, highlighting the benefits of seeds in bread.

The campaign, which does not feature Bakels’ branding, starts this month. It has a slogan “Great Taste, Great Waist”. The campaign includes advertisements in health-related magazines, women’s and diet magazines and point-of-sale package for bakers.

This will help promote Bakels’ Multiseed Bread Concentrate, said Bakels MD Paul Morrow. He added: “Multiseed Bread Concentrate has been the most successful launch in our company’s history. We expect to sell 1,500 tonnes in 2006 the equivalent of 4.5 million loaves.”

The Bakels Multiseed mix, launched in January 2005, was selling 140 tonnes a month by November.

Mr Morrow said: “There are real opportunities for craft bakers in the healthy eating trend. Bakels is working on other healthy eating concepts to launch this year.”