Ingredients supplier Bakels has added four new product launches and six new and improved recipes to its line-up of cake and sponge mixes, all aimed at increasing convenience for bakers.

Leading the launches is Genoese Mix Complete for producing a Genoese slab for celebration and novelty cakes that require a flat and smooth surface, said the company.

Meanwhile, Deluxe Creme Cake & Muffin Concentrate needs the addition of flour, sugar, egg, oil and water to create a wide variety of loaf cakes and muffins with excellent volume, flavour and shelf-life, said Bakels.

Also in the range are Deluxe Chocolate Creme Cake & Muffin Concentrate and new Mid Muffin Concentrate.

Pauline Ferrol, Bakels’ national sales controller, wholesale, said: "Everyone is aware how popular muffins and cupcakes are and we are offering bakers a choice between premium products and so-called ’price-fighters’.

"The aim is to give our customers products that exactly match their needs."