Bakers have pulled together with acts of charity and camaraderie following the recent devastating floods in Gloucestershire.

After Sunshine Craft Bakery in Stroud was flooded by three feet of water last week, the owner of nearby Walkers Bakery offered Sunshine the use of his facilities.

Ray Hill of Sunshine said: "We only lost one day’s bread supply. Bakers have a kindred spirit of goodwill and camaraderie."

Power motors and condensers were saturated at Sunshine’s bakery and all stock and some packaging were destroyed.

Hill added that Draycotts Bakery in Dursley and Hobbs House Bakery in Chipping Sodbury also contacted him with offers to help.

D Gibbon & Sons, a Newport bakery, sent bakery products at its own expense to Tewksbury, including bread, sausage rolls and cakes. A delivery was sent every day from 23-28 July.

The council distributed to high priority people, including nursing homes. "I think there is a real sense of community spirit among bakers and where we can help we will," said Derek Gibbon.

Janes Pantry in Gloucester has been without running water for over a week and although supply is now back on, it is undrinkable and cannot be used for bakery production for at least another two weeks.

MD Nevil Morse said that the company continued to "battle on" and was glad to receive goods and help from Oliver Adams, a large bakery in Northampton. He said: "They’ve also washed out huge jam containers and filled them with water, so we can take water back to our factory."