A recently opened Dorchester bakery was forced to sell bread by candlelight, after the energy supplier to the shop’s previous tenant cut off the electricity.
Owner Clive Cobb said that npower had turned off the electricity at The Town Mill Bakery shop in Tudor Arcade, South Street, on Tuesday 15 December, as the previous tenant had an unpaid bill outstanding, before reinstating it on 18 December.
The majority of the organic bakery’s products are baked at Town Mill’s Exeter bakery in Topsham, so the shop was still able to sell fresh bread. "We didn’t have any tills and everyone had to dress up, as it was really cold," explained Cobb.
"We’re waiting for compensation now, which npower have said they are going to give us," added Cobb, who lost approximately £3,200 in takings during the blackout. "Where we’d normally take around £1,000 a day, we took around £400, so it wasn’t a complete disaster," he said.