Barton Fabrications is promoting the use of its high-specification sugar and flour silos to bakeries in the UK.

The silos can feature a penthouse design, where the top of the silo has a built-on enclosure an element that used to be much more popular before ATEX legislation came into force.

"The use of explosion vents, required for ATEX compliance, meant that silo design and construction became more complex," explained MD Mark Barton, speaking about the penthouse feature. "Because of our company’s robust silo design and construction, we have been able to produce an ATEX-compliant solution, which provides a duct for the explosion vent within the penthouse. This means that inspection or maintenance of the explosion vent or filter unit can be carried out within the safety of the penthouse."

Barton Fabrications said it believes it is the only manufacturer in Europe currently able to produce silos that incorporate a penthouse design and are ATEX-compliant.

Barton added that the penthouses can be produced at little extra cost.