Bread baskets firm Bakers Basco plans to focus on reducing basket losses in 2007, as it rolls out an industry standard 10-loaf basket.

Basco was set up by trade body the Federation of Bakers in March 2005 to manage the roll out of a standard bread basket among Tesco plant bread suppliers - an initiative demanded by Tesco.

The Omega basket replaces a variety of basket sizes used by different plant bakers, from eight-loaf to 15-loaf, and enables Tesco to put its bread deliveries out on the shop floor without unpacking.

Basco general manager Paul Taylor said Basco plans to roll out two million Omega baskets by the end of 2007, and has already invested £5.5m in dollies and baskets.

It is also looking to reduce basket losses in the supply chain by collecting other bakeries’ baskets, which have fallen into the wrong hands, when picking up its own.

Other supermarkets as well as Tesco are now starting to receive deliveries in the Omega baskets. In five years’ time, the baskets may be in use across the whole of the supply chain, predicted Taylor.

Asda bakery director Huw Edwards said: "We don’t have an issue with deliveries in 10-loaf baskets, but won’t put the trays out on shelf. We think the system is inefficient and not customer friendly."