Capital FM radio presenters Johnny Vaughan and Lisa Snowdon are fronting a new £3m marketing campaign to promote Kraft’s new Belvita Breakfast brand – a range of biscuits targeting the breakfast market.

Claimed to be the only breakfast biscuits in the UK, Belvita biscuits are made with whole grains and, when eaten with a portion of fruit and serving of dairy such as a latte and an apple, release carbohydrates steadily over four hours.

The marketing campaign for Belvita Breakfast, which launched this month, features TV ads aimed at the brand’s core market of 25-35-year-old women, as well as print ads, retail promotions and sampling.

Biscuits have long been a popular breakfast item in Europe, but have yet to gain a foothold in the UK, where cereals and toast still dominate. Belvita Breakfast retails across Europe with one in five people in France eating biscuits for breakfast.

“Belvita Breakfast’s success in Europe shows that there is a real appetite for breakfast biscuits, and the UK market is ready for something new,” said Nicola Wilkinson, Kraft Foods.

According to research commissioned by Kraft, 34% of the UK population regularly miss breakfast, compared to 17% in France, 18% in Italy and 13% in Spain. Eight per cent of Brits never eat breakfast, with men (38%) and people in their 20s (55%) most likely to skip.