School children around the country are being offered baking lessons via a live video-link from French baker and chef Richard Bertinet.

Bertinet, who runs the Bertinet Kitchen and Bakery in Bath, plans to hold the interactive baking classes for primary schools using Skype or video conferencing.

The classes aim to teach children all about bread, allowing them to discover the difference between hand-crafted bread and bread bought from the supermarket.

They can also learn how to make speciality breads such as fougasse or focaccia.

The lessons are accompanied by a copy of Bertinet’s book Dough, along with cooking accessories for bread-making. Classes are currently free and will be offered to one school per month during term time.

Children at Thames County Primary school in Blackpool took part in a recent trial when they made bread under Bertinet’s watchful eye.

Said partner Jo Bertinet: “We’ve always worked closely with local schools and have seen how much the children get from being hands-on – it’s a good and fun way to learn about baking. However, it was frustrating that we were missing those children from across the country.”

The pair hope to sign a deal with a major computer manufacturer, which will improve the technology and enable them to roll the concept out more widely.