Bosch packaging technology has launched a new SVI vertical bagger series, suitable for food and non-food applications. The machine’s low height and the numerous retrofitting options makes it capable of performing multiple standard bag styles for an unlimited range of products, such as bakery and confectionery items, powders and tea and coffee. The intermittent SVI machines can produce bags with corner seal and doy-style bags with optional zippers, and can be upgraded with an additional modular unit for corner sealing. Pillow bags, side-gusseted bags and stand-up block bottom bags, can be produced by changing the adjustable forming set.

The SVI series consists of two machines for different bag sizes and lengths: the SVI 4020 packages bag sizes at a maximum 600mm in length, while the SVI 2620 performs bag sizes of up to 400mm in length. Both machines have an output ranging from 10 to 120 bags per minute.