Brace’s Bakery has sent more than 500 Welsh cakes to troops in Afghanistan for Christmas Day.

Staff at the Crumlin-based bakery have been making and packing the baked goods, with Captain N Hinton explaining his regiment would prefer them over mince pies.

Captain Hinton, said: “The officers and soldiers of the Queens Dragoon Guards (The Welsh Cavalry) will be overjoyed with a little taste of home at Christmas. Currently there are 300 members of the regiment deployed in Afghanistan and I’m looking forward to doing the Santa bit and ensuring all my soldiers get a Welsh cake in time for Christmas.

“An enormous thanks to Brace’s for your support. You will certainly brighten up many distant faces with a little bit of Wales.”

Mark Brace, marketing director of Brace’s, said: “It must be very difficult for our troops to be away from home year-round, but particularly at Christmas time. Our brave Welsh troops are immensely proud of their roots and we were keen to give them a little taste of home in order to reassure them that they are very much in the thoughts of everyone at home in Wales.”