Bread sales spiked in the past two weeks as snow covered the UK and the population stocked up on loaves amid media reports of panic-buying.
A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said sales of bread were up 15% in the first three days of January’s snowfall. Tesco’s bread supplier similarly noted a rise in bread orders. "Volumes are up by 10%, but once the snow goes I’m sure we’ll see sales drop off," confirmed Joe Street of own-label bread supplier Fine Lady Bakeries, based in Oxfordshire.
Caroline Kellett, customer category manager at Warburtons, said that while the snow had caused problems for drivers, orders were getting through. "One of our delivery drivers, Paul Aspen, went to the aid of another Warburtons vehicle, which was in distress and helped to dig him out of 18cm of snow so that both could make their deliveries. The other vehicle was 20 miles away and both drivers ended up working a 14-hour shift," she said.
Shane Brennan, public affairs director at the Association of Convenience Stores, added: "What we have heard is bread supply is holding up incredibly well and suppliers are doing a great job to get products on shelf."
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