n Square Pie, the chain of pie shops based in London, is launching a ’Cold Classics’ summer menu next month, in a bid to solve the problem of seasonality. The menu will include a pork pie lunch, Cheddar Ploughman’s and Scotch egg and salad, as an alternative to the standard hot pie range. The company is also set to launch a new breakfast menu. It currently operates six sites, and hopes to acquire two more this year.

n Christian Salvesen’s Temperature Controlled Business Unit has become the first frozen logistics organisation in the UK to achieve the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification. This accreditation has now been rolled out across all 14 operating sites.

n Starbucks will switch to serving drinks with low-fat milk in all its North American outlets by the end of the year, to help reduce obesity. But customers can ask for full-fat milk, organic or soya milk if preferred. The new milk will be introduced in New York sites next month and in all US and Canadian stores by the end of 2007.

n Carrs has won a contract to supply wholemeal flour to Warburton’s Bellshill bakery, near Glasgow. Carrs has supplied white flour to Bellshill since it opened in 1997 and gained the new contract after opening a £500,000 brown flour plant last year.

n Bakery chain Waterfields has been granted planning permission for an outdoor eating area at its Moor Street site in Ormskirk, Lancs.

n Dried fruit supplier Unsoy will start supplying Tesco nationwide with 500g Value packs of sultanas from August, as it continues to expand in the UK.