British Food Fortnight begins tomorrow (18 September) and bakers are gearing up to promote their British wares.

Now in its ninth year, the event will run from 18 September - 3 October and endeavours to show the best of British food from across the country.

The Tiny Cake Company will be at Richmond Indoor Market promoting its locally sourced ingredients. Wonderland Bakery said it will also be promoting the event at local farmers’ markets where it sells cupcakes, and will be offering a special seasonal flavour.

“This year’s British Food Fortnight is a rallying cry for shops, pubs, restaurants and councils to start planning their Olympic promotions now so their customers can feast on British food as they cheer on our medal hopes,” commented organiser Alexia Robinson.

“The eyes of the world will be on Britain in 2012 and patriotism will be at fever pitch. Food and sport go hand in hand and we want British food to be at the heart of everyone’s Olympic celebrations.”

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