Bakeries and sandwich shops are enticing fast food fans away from Burger King in the UK.

The Miami-based company’s recent financial results statement highlighted poor performance in the UK. It blamed this on "perceptions about obesity and food-borne illness; and increased competition from sandwich shops, bakeries and other new restaurants".

Burger King’s chief executive John Chidsey said the company had to make a £1.6m cash injection to fortify its British operation.

He said: "McDonald’s has done a better job in the UK than we have," he said. "I just think McDonald’s is six or seven months ahead of us." McDonald’s is reporting strong sales in the UK due to a new marketing strategy and options such as carrot sticks and walnut salads.

Chidsey said the company had sent an executive to Britain and is "assessing where we’ve gone wrong and where we need to go".

Meanwhile, Burger King’s US sales are soaring.