Burton’s Biscuit Company has invested £13.5m in its manufacturing operations, in order to improve the production of its branded biscuits.

The firm said it was the second year running that it has made a significant supply chain investment, which has been implemented to support its growth and new product development in both domestic and international markets.

New technology will be introduced across all its sites - Llantarnam, Blackpool and Edinburgh - to further reinforce the high standards of consistency, quality and reliability in Burton’s manufacturing process, said the biscuit company.

The company’s facility in Llantarnam will pilot new control room technology, which will monitor the process in real time. This will be rolled out to Burton’s other facilities throughout the year.

Other initiatives will focus on automation and packaging technology, in a bid to further improve efficiency and provide additional capacity for new products and formats, to be launched this year.

Neil Grocock, chief supply chain officer, Burton’s Biscuit Company, said: “Continued investment in our supply chain and manufacturing capabilities is central to Burton’s vision for being a brand-focused business, able to swiftly respond to changing market dynamics and bring new products to market quicker than any other company in the biscuit market.”

Burton’s Biscuit Company produces brands such as Wagon Wheels, Maryland Cookies, Dodgers and Cadbury biscuits (produced under licence). It invested £12.5m in its supply chain in 2012.