A new company Print Delicious is having huge success with its edible chocolate images in Ireland. The company, based in Bray, Co Wicklow, is marketed as "the creative chocolate printing company" and was inspired by the Chocolography Technology company in the US.

Run by Sandie Stanley and her husband, the company has the exclusive franchise for Ireland from the American firm, which supplies the chocolate printing machines, including the cassettes, and the chocolate.

The patented technology is slightly different from the cake printing technology used in the baking industry, and 300dpi resolution images or higher are needed to ensure good quality reproduction. EU-approved edible inks are used to reproduce any kind of image in a variety of sizes.

The company prints images on products such as chocolate lollipops or truffles that could be used in cake decoration.

Stanley says she is "open to discussions with the bakery trade", as she believes the new technology could open up new marketing opportunities.