Coldpack has launched Airliner, an insulating film material that enables temperature-controlled transit packaging for food products.
The product comprises two layers of a special film, manufactured using DuPont Surlyn resin, which are separated by an aluminised honeycomb structure. When filled with air, the design of the packaging creates multiple compartments known as ’baffles’. The temperature is preserved inside the pack, so the inclusion of coolants such as gel packs and dry ice can be used to achieve the required temperature.
The Airliner maintains products in packs of up to 70 litres either at ambient temperatures, typical product temperatures (for example, from 0° to +4ºC for food products) or at -18ºC temperatures for frozen products.
The contents are protected depending on the thermal fluctuations anticipated during transit usually a 48-hour shipment but special extended cooling systems are also available to offer protection for up to 120 hours.