Price Measurement Change (%)

Commodity prices - to trade

UK bread wheat - delivered, Liverpool 192.50 £/tonne 0

milling wheat (May contract)

Canadian No1 CWRS (Fob St Lawrence) 248.00 £/tonne -0.17

Sugar (refined, granulated) 821.60 £/tonne 0

Commodity prices - international futures

Wheat (LIFFE, May contract) 148.50 £/tonne -1.00

Coffee, Arabica (NYBOT, May contract) 132.90 £/tonne +13.64

Coffee, Robusta (LIFFE, May contract) 2,211 £/tonne +21.89

Footnote: Prices in £ sterling, except where stated.

Sources: Cereals; HGCA. Statistics correct as of 2/6/2008; wheat futures corrrect as of 2/6/2008. Other commodities: UK Statistics Authority. Statistics correct as of 12/4/2008.

Coffee futures: LIFFE and NYBOT exchanges; coffee futures correct as of 5/6/2008.