Chocolate brownies have claimed the top spot in a survey, by Dawn Foods, to discover the nation’s favourite chocolate bakery treat.

Following on from its research into the nation’s signature treat, during British Food Fortnight, Dawn carried out a further poll during National Chocolate Week (10-16 October 2011).

The chocolate brownie took 28.6% of the votes, with the chocolate chip cookie achieving 19%, the double chocolate muffin 14.3%, and chocolate cake taking 14.3% of the votes.

Dawn Foods marketing manager Jacqui Passmore commented: “Chocolate Week was the perfect time to quiz people on their favourite chocolate bakery treats and we were unsure which product would emerge victorious.

“Chocolate brownies are, for many people, a rich comfort food that, along with a cup of tea or coffee, can satisfy any chocolate cravings. This result is the perfect example of how its popularity has grown in recent years.”

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