Unsurprisingly, quality and taste of drinks was considered most important to coffee chain customers (38%). While quality and taste of food (11%) and drinks range (10%) came in second and third, the rest of respondents were divided between a whole range of factors and services, from product availability to speed of service, shop cleanliness, value for money, seat availability, staff friendliness, pricing, product choice, food range, loyalty cards and promotions. Rather than suggesting that these factors are of little importance to the consumer, it indicates how crucial it is to get all of them right to offer a rounded customer experience.

Other findings indicated that only 15% of customers had a specific budget to stick to while at the coffee chain, so there’s a great opportunity to sell more to them; 31% of customers said that they would be likely to buy additional items if a member of staff asked them at their table if they would like a refill or another item. And a third said they would consider buying soup if it were offered in store.

Coffee chain customers told us that the following products and services would appeal to them if offered:

Discounted drink refills 49%

Meal deal - for example coffee and muffin for a reduced price 28%

Information about calorie or fat content of food 22%

Nutritional information about food 19%

Table service 17%

Breakfast-specific food options 9%

Television in-store 3%