The last time I went to a craft bakery, I bought two turkey rolls on my way to work. I bought them for convenience because there are always people waiting to be served in the supermarket.

I also find the rolls are better quality and fresher than pre-packed sandwiches. They also sell cups of soup at my bakery, which I think is a very good idea.

I don’t have a massively sweet tooth and so don’t eat a lot of cakes. I particularly don’t like apple pie or anything that contains warm fruit. I just think that its too gooey. What I do really like though, but you don’t see them so much any more, are iced buns.

I wouldn’t buy a meat pie in a bakery. I think they are too heavy for a snack. I prefer pies as part of a meal, with new potatoes or vegetables. Because of this, I buy them at the supermarket or eat home-made pies.

I would not go to a bakery just to buy bread. Although I think the bread is better. I don’t think that many people have the time to go to different shops to buy things. I just wait until I go shopping in the supermarket and then I can buy everything all at once.

I used to think I only liked white bread because that’s all I would buy. But after trying it, I’m really starting to enjoy brown and multi-grain bread.

Joseph Bastick-Vines

Streatham, London

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