When it comes to shopping, I prefer to support the independent trader where possible.

When I was a kid, you really had a choice of bakers. You were greeted with your name or asked what mum or nan had sent you there for - there was a real sense of community.

But with the increase of supermarkets and chain stores, the marketing gurus trick us, the consumer, into thinking we have a choice!

A glance in any supermarket will quickly reveal that one brand of tea bags is made by the same company as another leading brand or baked beans, soap powder, and so on.

So I like to go into my local bakery and buy convenient goods - for example on my lunch break. I tend to go for prawn or smoked salmon in brown bread or a white roll with cheese pickle, tomato or onion.

My first choice of hot savoury has got to be a Cornish pasty, but sometimes I go for sausage rolls; it is just based on how they look or what mood I’m in.

I tend to buy fresh crusty rolls when we have soup or stew and supermarket, wrapped, sliced bread for toast or sandwiches.

When it comes to cakes, the Danish pastry is probably my favourite of all, but I’ve not had good one in years. It seems as if they are mostly made in a factory type environment and lack freshness. I also like muffins - especially blueberry muffins - custard tarts and Bakewell tarts, and it would be great if bakers sold apple pie with custard or ice cream.

Wayne Wheeler, Crawley, West Sussex