Croda has launched Omelife Smooth, which can be added to a variety of bakery product mixes and enables bakers to state claims regarding the inclusion of Omega 3.

Omelife can be added to products such as breads, muffins, nutritional bars and frozen dough - for example to use in a pizza base. For muffins it can be added to dry ingredients at the water phase and doesn’t compromise on taste or flavour, says the company. For use in dough, it can either be added to the mix of flour, water and yeast, for example, or can be pre-mixed into a quantity of the water for quicker incorporation into the mix.

Croda says the product has been proven to achieve high inclusions of EPA and DHA (Omega 3 fatty acids). A muffin, for example, would contain 450mg per 50g serving.

Omelife is marketed as a way of including the benefits of Omega 3 rich fish in products, but without the smell or taste.