Bakery manufacturer Cuisine de France has redesigned its packaging and logo for 2013.

The distinctive logo has been updated to create what Cuisine de France believes to be “a more modern feel”. Both old and new elements of the design have been incorporated so that consumers can easily recognise the brand.

The signature Cuisine ‘wheat sheaf’ has also been integrated into the firm’s packaging, creating a stronger identity, with emphasis placed on the classic red and blue colour scheme.

In a bid to improve the customer shopping experience, the background colour has been toned down from white to cream, and larger windows have been introduced on all Cuisine de France’s product bags.

The multi-buy doughnut bags have been reduced in size, and all products will now be labelled with the ‘fresh’ message to emphasise the brand’s quality to consumers. On the newly designed baguette packaging, shoppers will now also find clearly marked health benefits and recipe ideas to try out at home.

Laura Smith, brand communications manager for Cuisine de France, said: “This redesign is a really important update for Cuisine de France. The new-look packaging puts a real focus on our products, and lends the brand a warmer, bakery-style feel that should resonate with shoppers looking for high-quality, fresh products from their retailers.”

The new Cuisine de France packaging is being rolled out across the range over the next few months.