A new UK cupcake delivery system – directcupcakes.co.uk – is looking to recruit more bakers, with a view to launching sales to the public within the next month.

Those who register with the firm are asked to select the postcode areas they can deliver to, and when directcupcakes receives an order for delivery to that area, bakers will then be commissioned to bake, decorate and hand-deliver the order.

The cupcakers can also relay their own orders through the service, earning a commission payment for orders they cannot carry out themselves. Chris Byrd, of directcupcakes said the scheme had had “a fantastic response so far”, and the firm was making “significant on-going investment in internet and off-line advertising”.

Directcupcakes provides decoration guidelines, and giftboxes in a range of styles are available to purchase, with specific lines for events such as Halloween, Christmas or weddings.

Cupcakers can earn around £11, £20 and £37 for a box of 6, 12 or 24 cupcakes respectively, and payments will be made once a month or when the amount due reaches £100, whichever comes first. Directcupcakes will also pay £3 per order towards delivery costs.

To find out more, please contact team@directcupcakes.co.uk.