The average person ate 0.8% more bread at home in 2005-06 than the previous year, according to Defra’s Family Food 2005-06 survey, released last week.

The annual report on food and drink purchases in the UK says that the average person bought 701g of bread per week to eat at home, bucking what had been a downward trend. Spending was also up 4.4%, to 97p per person per week.

In 2005-06, compared with 2004-05, UK purchased quantities of wholemeal bread rose by 21%, while white bread fell by 4.9%. Brown bread purchases declined by 8.8%, while purchased quantities of wholemeal bread rose by 21% to 145g per person per week.

Household purchases of confectionery were down by 6% to 123g per person, or 78p, a 7.7% decline from 84p year-on-year. Eating outside sandwich consumption declined by 1.8% to 80g a week.

The Defra report, based on the Expenditure and Food Survey shows total expenditure on all food and drink rose by 1.7% in the year.