Packaging technology company Sirane has developed a new type of microwave material for foodservice packaging, which can be used for crisping-up hot paninis, baguettes and pasties.

Crisp It Light is a two-layer film ’susceptor’ that can be shaped to fit different packaging formats for products that are cooked in microwaves. The material absorbs microwave energy and heats up, making a ’hot-plate’-type surface, which then crisps the food. The firm has already won several advance bulk orders, including an order of 300,000 units from a leading UK train operator.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, Sirane sales director, said: "Our new film can be made into wraps for the cooking of paninis and sandwiches. There are no size restrictions and any concept can be developed into a product."

Available in various formats, such as sleeves, the film can also be used to flow-wrap foodstuffs, eliminating the need for additional outer packaging. Sirane’s new formula means that direct printing on to the film is also easy, thus removing the need for a label.

Sirane also continues to develop and manufacture its range of Crisp It susceptor discs for pizzas and Crisp It shaped boards for burger buns and other fast foods. The company will exhibit at stand WO31 at the Foodex Exhibition in Birmingham in March.