Double D Food Engineering has developed a solid band continuous oven, which, when integrated with parent company JBT FoodTech’s range of Frigoscandia freezers and coolers, allows the entire depositing, baking, cooling and packaging process to take place without any contact from human hands.
The solid stainless steel continuous band can be built to any width, and product can be deposited directly on to the belt. It can be used for a wide range of bakery products, and its different zones can be independently controlled, so that the right amount of heat is delivered for baking.
"The technology is the same as in our Revoband Continuous Cooker for food processing, in that it features fully adjustable zones with both top and bottom impingement," explained Ian Burns, Double D’s food processing development engineer. "This allows products to be baked to exact specifications, while giving excellent consistency and appearance."
He added: "The solid band also gives outstanding sole penetration when required, enhancing the quality of the finished product."